Snorkel | San Cristobal - Kicker Rock

Starting from the main pier in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno | San Cristobal Is - You join our staff for your adventure with a 1-hour boat ride going to Kicker Rock | Leon Dormido as locals call it.
In the way a short slow boat ride along the rocky coast to observe some  Boobies, Pelicans and Sea Lions.

Once arrived at Kicker Rock a short boat ride will bring around flooded lava tubes, rocky bridges in a desertic environment where cactae and mangroves live together.

Then dry landing on an interior lava region where eventually blue footed boobies and brown noddies are nesting.

A short ride again gets you at the back of the lava formations for you snorkel.   Once you get ready with your gear, you jump off the boat and start your underwater adventure with your Galapagos Naturalist Guide who will lead you around lava formations to see marine turtles, white tipped reef sharks and probably sea horses !

Adventure Guaranteed !

Additional Information

Passport Number
  • Departure from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno | San Cristobal
  • 1-hour Boat ride to the visitor site
  • Snorkel in a lava formation
  • Observe | Marine turtles, reef sharks and lots of fish
  • Light snack on board



  • Snorkeling departures everyday from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno | San Cristobal
  • Small group - 10 People 
  • Snorkel gear included (mask + snorkel + fins)
  • Wildlife encounters | Marine turtles, reef sharks and lots of fish
  • Light snack on board